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So, the other day I was texting with a friend of mine, named Hanah who is a wardrobe stylist. She’s amazing. In a town where fashion means short skirts and flip-flops and getting dressed up means putting on your best cowboy boots, she definitely stands out amongst the crowd. She works at this fantastic boutique near the University Of Arizona called Swindlers, if you haven’t been there yet you should probably change that. Anyways, Hanah and I were texting about a photo shoot I was getting ready to do that she was going to do the wardrobe styling for. I was describing to her the style of clothing I was looking for and she responded with “Oh, you want “normcore!” to which I responded, “I want what?!” long story short, “normcore” is now my favorite thing ever.


Normcore is a name given to a fashion trend that started early 2014 and is apparently just now making its way to little ol’ Tucson, AZ. According to Hanah the trend started in Australia and New Zealand, spread to the UK, and has finally made its way to the US. I first saw the style when I went to London in October last year. The style really struck my fancy as a fresh alternative to the tired “bodycon” fit. Sure the “bodycon” (or body contour) looks great on some, but the tight fit doesn’t scream fashion to me. The new trend has a handful of influences, ranging from ironic sports wear, the 90’s, and mom jeans.


To pull off this look there are a few staple pieces you will need. Some Adidas bright white sneakers, some Birkenstocks, a pair of 501 jeans, a boxy oversized dress, and a trench coat. The colors are very neutral and the fit is very relaxed. I’ll give you added points if you include authentic pieces from the 90’s with your outfit. I think my mom might have some good ones buried in her closet if you need some.

I love the style. I hope it’s here to stay for a while. It’s fresh and comfortable and easy to wear for all body types. “Normcore” I love you.


Models: Clair Baxter, Michela Iacobucci, and Clarice Cormier Makeup: Amber Smith Wardrobe: Hanah Letson

Hair: Erin Powers Photographer: Jackie Sterna

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