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Do I Need a Boar Bristle Brush


A lot of people have heard of a boar bristle brush before but aren’t sure if they should invest in one or if it’s even appropriate for their hair type. Well let’s start with what a boar bristle brush actually is.

A boar bristle brush is a brush simply made from the hairs from a boar. Simple enough right? Hairs from a boar are stiff, somewhat pointed, and pretty tough. Because of this, they make a pretty ideal material for brushing hair. I mean, what could be better for your scalp and hair than brushing with actual hairs?! The stiff and rigid hairs help to reach the scalp to exfoliate and massage the scalp. They loosen dead skin cells and stimulate blood flow. Blood flow helps the follicles below the scalp’s surface grow your hair. Think Marcia Brady in “The Brady Brunch”. Turns out there was a reason behind all that brushing she did. The boar bristles also help to absorb your natural oils and pull them from your scalp down to the mid-lengths and ends of your hairs, which helps keep your hair moisturized and shiny.


There are many different kinds of boar bristle brushes out there. Some may last longer than others and may be worth the investment. The most popular would be the Mason Pearson Brush. They make a few different types but I love the original brush. The bristles are mixed with nylon and are spaced apart so that they may reach the scalp. This brush can run up to $200.00, so if that is out of your price range, you can grab this little guy for a gonga! It’s the Diane Palm Brush and it’s only $3.50.


So, should you be using a boar bristle brush? In most cases the answer is yes. The only case that I would say to avoid using one is if your hair is very chemically compromised or lacking integrity. Otherwise go for it! Since the bristles can cause tension and pulling, you should only use the brush when your hair is dry. When hair is wet it is more likely to stretch and break. So brush away!

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