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The LOB vs. The WOB

I suppose we should go back to the beginning. Back to where it all started. With the “Bob.” Who is this bob and why are women asking for him in the salon chair year after year?

Traditionally, a bob haircut is defined as a single layer cut, sitting around the neck, with a blunt feel to the bottom. Now depending on who you ask you’ll get a very different answer. Ask an industry veteran and you might be told the perimeter should sit at the jaw line. Ask my client Joan and she’ll tell you its that cute “posh spice” cut I gave her back in 2005.

The term “bob” is used so loosely that we have all sorts of variations now. Which bring us to our topic. The “WOB” vs. the “LOB”. In 2014 the LOB ruled the world. The beauty world coined the term when celebrities started wearing a very distinct long bob look on the carpet, hence LOB. It was seen on model Alexa Chung, actress Kerry Washington, and pinterest queen Lauren Conrad. I must admit, its cute. It’s easy and sassy, and works for all types of women. The LOB was a nice stepping stone into the mid-length style for so many women who had previously been too shy to let go of their long locks. However, to be real, this ain’t no Bob.


So may I present you with the “it” look for 2015 (so far… its only January for pete’s sake.) the “WOB” Wavy Bob.. WOB. Are we really getting that lazy? Oh well. This style made its debut at the golden globes and then again at peoples choice awards. Its all over! Jennifer Lawrence, Sienna Miller, Emma Stone, and lest we forget, Taylor Swift. The style is a more traditional Bob cut with a textured finish. The ends of the hair are either razored or point cut to give it a more disheveled look and left with either your natural curl or wave, or enhanced with a styling wand. Im a huge fan of this trend. I believe it’s a very sexy look, and using natural texture helps cut time spent in the bathroom in the morning. Time I use to catch up on my instagram feed. Priorities people, priorities.

And then theres Kim Kardashian. She hit the red carpet at the 2015 Grammy’s rocking a beautiful wavy long bob. A much needed change for the fashion icon in my opinion. Brava Kim!!image1

So who wins? The Lob or the Wob?

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